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We strongly recommend you to visit the Salar de Uyuni with a 3 or 4 day jeep tour from Uyuni or from the border of Chile. Beste way to do this is with 4WD Jeeps. The groups are small (6 to 9 people) and most of the time the tour guide is also the cook.
The first day you drive through the endless salt plains. A very strange experience, because your brains like to tell you that the salt isn’t salt, but ice. Just enjoy the beautiful blue sky and the white clouds. Ask your tour guide if he can stop at the Salt Hotel (A Holtel build of salt bricks) or a salt mines. But for sure you have to visit one or two of the islands as; Isla Incahuasi or Isla del Pescado. Have you ever seen a cactus of 12 meters high and more than 100 years old. You will see those on these islands! The first night (and the following days) you’ll sleep in simple but clean basic camps.
The second day you’ll leave the salt flats. The tour takes you through beautiful landscapes where you visit lakes with fauna you only see in the Zoo. You will see Flamingos, lamas, Culpeos and Andeas Gooses. With a bit of luck you’ll also see Alpacas and Vicunas.
The next day you will stop at one of the geysers located 5 kilometers up in the mountains. Ask your tour guide if you take a bath in one of those warm water lakes. Another one in a lifetime experience! After breakfast the tour takes you to Laguna Verde. What you will do on the last day of the trip is depending on the wishes of the group. You can go back early to Chile or Uyuni, but you can also ask the tour guide if he wants you to drive to one or two other lakes or take you to the green landscape of Valles de Rocas.

Tour costs:
Most operators charge about $ 100 per person for the 4 day option. From Uyuni it is al little bit cheaper than from Chile. FromUyuni it will cost you about 550 Bolivianos (60 dollars). Don’t forget to ask for a English speaking Guide in front.


Some Tour Guids:

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4 thoughts on “Salar de Uyuni Tours”

  1. Dear Manager

    I am a koren. My friend and I will take a tour in Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador from 18 May to 5 July.
    We arrive at Uyuni from Lapaz at o6:45 on 29 June and leave for Lapaz at 08:05 on 3 July from Uyuni by Amazonas Air.
    I want to reserve 4 Days tour. Please let me know how to reserve and price.
    Best Regards

  2. Hi, I’m interested in your 3-day tour package. Could you send me the detailed description? Will you have the tour from 12.22-24? And what is the price (two people)? If you do not have the tour at that time, what’s other option of date?

    1. Hi Xintong Zhou,

      I am not a jeep tour operator. Just someone who loved the trip to Bolivia. The last view months I received a lot of questions about jeep tours, so from now on you’ll find links to the tour guids directly

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